What We Do

Result and Value Driven
We create results and promise a tailor-made approach that fits the specific telecom and business needs of each and every client. We align their objectives with our incentives and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business. Our clients are our partners. MDIC offers Telecom Management and Consulting Services supported by a deep knowledge of underlying Business Processes and Technologies. This signature approach has led the team to operate and execute successful telecommunication projects in various regions around the world and in all different situations. The team’s local and wide-ranging market knowledge gives MDIC the edge it needs to go the extra mile for its clients.


New strategies and management models are crucial for today’s digital economy. We advise our clients through an integrated approach which gives due account to technical feasibility while our team develops successful solutions. We employ our technological competence to monitor our client’s progress and operations right through to the final implementation phases. Our aim is to see our clients succeed; our guarantee is a proven track record for excellent processes and efficient organization. The MDIC business ethos is based on its commitment to ensure its partners the top-level management engagement, access and support they deserve. The team works closely with the client on the ground, provides hands on support, works to build the capacity of the local staff and to ensure continuity and growth of any project they undertake.


We help clients grow their revenues by developing and deploying innovative services and digital platforms, such as: Mobile Financial Services (MFS), Customer Value Management (CVM), Mobile IoT, M2M, and IP services. Our business portfolio focuses on markets in which we have evidenced our expertise in information and communications’ technology.


We have distinctive capabilities within the telecom management and operation services, bringing hands on expertise to investors and CSPs alike through the following:  


    Development, Operation & Management of greenfield operators in competitive and challenging environments.


    Re-structuring processes and streamlining procedures to create a new competitive edge in an ever-increasing complex business environment.


    Allowing to undertake time constrained projects and respond quickly in critical missions.


    Proven and tried processes, practices and tools to manage and implement complex projects on time and within planned budget.


    Allowing our teams to better access each market, assess the needs and effectively manage and operate even the most critical projects.



MDIC provides expert support to investors and private equity firms seeking long-term capital appreciation in the telecom sector. At MDIC, we guarantee successful execution of clients’ investment strategies by properly assessing investment opportunities, risks, asset classes, operational expenses, countries, and currencies, providing the highest possible expected return at any given level of uncertainties. To ensure the greatest success to our clients, we devise an efficient investment strategy backed by operational and on-the-ground knowhow of both the country and the sector, and address commercial issues throughout the investment life cycle. 


MDIC has extensive experience in starting-up and modernizing CSPs, working with various investors to build successful mobile telecom operations. We apply a proven methodology in business planning, network designing, efficient operation management, and resource building, helping clients achieve market leadership by overcoming investment constraints and operational challenges of building an end-to-end service across virtualized and physical network elements, setting the path for digital transformation. MDIC can optimize the client’s operation at any phase of the CSP life cycle: Launch phase, Growth phase, or Mature operations.


MDIC’s approach hinges on understanding and serving the end user demands shaped by the ongoing expansion of digital services. We guide our clients in adopting a holistic approach that involves various disciplines within the organization and supporting them in developing innovative business models, designing products and services strategy, as well as managing technology and designing networks. Our experience, knowledge, and capabilities acquired through building, developing and managing many successful telecom operations across culturally diverse countries ensure that our clients achieve long term and sustainable growth.


MDIC supports its clients in mobilizing their end-to-end operations and streamlining processes to achieve long-term growth while reducing costs. At MDIC, we go beyond the normal ways to help our clients improve their operational efficiency across all functions, build effective marketing and sales operations, deploy new technologies, optimize network design, improve field support, and develop key performance indicators to quantify and measure operational improvements. With our outstanding expertise in establishing and managing leading telecom operations, we deliver rapid operation turnarounds, unlock major efficiency gains, create substantial value and build enduring competitive advantage. MDIC helps clients transform to agile and efficient organizations.


MDIC has worked with numerous telecommunication operators to define, build, and streamline organizations throughout all the phases of their life cycle and ensure the alignment of the management strategy with the business strategy. Whether a start-up or a mature business, effective organizational strategy takes a holistic view of the needs, mapping out tasks and initiatives to transform the business from its current state to the desired one. To build strategies, we consider the different regulatory constraints as well as internal organizational elements such as design and structure, operating standards and culture, competencies and skill mix, capabilities and performance, talent management systems and practices.


Financial challenges in today’s world are driving investors and companies to avoid costly business decisions. MDIC partners with financial and legal firms to provide a comprehensive analysis and a deep understanding of the business fundamentals and operations. MDIC undertakes to assess the performance and present a value-added judgement of a company.  Our approach ensures that our clients receive an exhaustive business review that deals with all the issues raised in the scope of work.  It is a deep dive mission across the entire value chain of a company: strategy& business plan, network design and operation, organization, marketing & sales, and regulatory, backed by market and industry benchmarks and thorough research.  


MDIC Project and Program Management services combine proven and tried processes, practices and instruments to implement complex telecom projects on time and within planned budget. MDIC value added project management encompasses the following steps: set objectives and define deliverables, list requirements and define KPIs, execute tasks, monitor progress, transfer knowhow, and handover project after ensuring desired goals are met. Our experienced team will work side by side with the client vendors and system integrators teams and assume full project responsibility to manage the entire project lifecycle.


Building on our in-depth knowledge of policy and regulation, MDIC can advise regulators on the regulatory frameworks for which they are responsible: authorization and licensing, access and interconnection, spectrum management, business case assessment, retail and wholesale tariffs, numbering plan and number portability, coverage, network KPIs. MDIC also can help CSPs comply with regulatory requirements and enhance regulatory process and control. Our professionals will help clients to have a better understanding and management of the complexities and nuances of regulation, develop efficient reporting processes, and reduce risks of non-compliance.


MDIC has helped many companies devise a finance transformation strategy, empowering them to manage complex situations by visualising and shaping the future state of their finance function.  We engage in every aspect of the finance operation management. Our full fledge module helps enable the finance functions to support and create value for our clients, from establishing finance as a trusted partner to the business to developing a high-performance operating model, improving core processes, and managing ongoing performance. Our offerings are composed of select finance services on KPI based. 



MDIC provides consultancy services to cultural organisations, foundations, private corporations and individuals, and supports the development of national & regional cultural strategies and museum projects. MDIC helps with the design and implementation of cultural programs and events and the development of fundraising strategies for non-profits. MDIC designs custom philanthropy programs and supports restructuring and optimisation of governance for cultural institutions.