Operation Consulting

MDIC is the telecom company that can
We believe that successful operational transformation is achieved through process development and people’s engagement.

We support our clients in mobilizing their end-to-end operations and streamlining processes to achieve long-term growth while reducing costs. Telecom operators should seek to differentiate their business operations from the competition and become agile and efficient. Furthermore they should work on transforming their procedures and building competencies to deliver on their value proposition through faster response to customer demands and a commitment to excellent customer experience.

MDIC’s outstanding expertise in establishing and managing leading telecom operations in different markets through its advanced operational model, compliant with eTOM framework, can help telecom operators improve their operational efficiency and build capacities. MDIC understands the business challenges and the various operational models of their clients and uses a set of diagnostics and benchmarks to assess their performance.

MDIC does operation consulting through:


  • Developing efficient business processes by combining models and capabilities to improve results, reduce cost overheads, eliminate redundancies, and prioritize operations.
  • Improving product and services development processes across all functions.
  • Building effective marketing and sales operations to improve productivity.
  • Deploying new technology, optimizing network design and improving field support.
  • Developing key performance indicators to quantify and measure operational improvements.