Launching and Modernizing CSP

MDIC is the telecom company that can
The Telecom landscape is evolving and the value creation chain is revolutionized by digital disruption and a rapidly growing end user demand. Building and modernizing telecom networks is still and will remain capital intensive. To be profitable, network operators must optimize by being more efficient and agile while developing in parallel new revenue streams.

CSPs around the globe have seen revenue decline in their core service offerings, voice and messaging. Partly due to intense competition and price wars, but also due to social media players developing new communication channels and posing a direct threat because of their direct relation to the customer.

However, the digital revolution presents new opportunities for CSPs to leverage their assets and generate new revenue streams and long term growth by responding to end users demand for fast, real time, and on demand service. This can be realized through the right choice of technology, the orchestration of multiple platforms, and building an end to end service across virtualized and physical network elements.

Getting the business planning process right and designing an advanced network to achieve market leadership present a huge operational challenge.

That’s where MDIC’s extensive experience in starting up and modernizing CSPs comes to play. MDIC has worked with various investors to build successful mobile telecom operations. It has a proven methodology in business and network planning, efficient operation management, and resource building that has been refined through years of experience.
It builds on the proper understanding of the operational environment and constraints as well as the end customer needs and develops the proper strategy and implementation plan.

MDIC intervention can be done at any of the three phases of development of a CSP:


  • Phase 1: Greenfield operation launch
  • Market research and Business planning, Go to Market plan
  • Strategy plan and budgeting
  • Company setup: organization structure, processes and recruitment
  • Project management initiation
  • Network design and roll out
  • End to end connectivity and integration
  • Initial Product development


  • Phase 2: Growth phase
  • Intense Sales and Marketing
  • Advanced Products and Services
  • Build talent and capabilities
  • Develop and implement the network expansion
  • Strategic financial resources allocation


  • Phase 3: Mature operations
  • Operations assessment and optimization
  • Revenue growth strategies in the face of intense competition
  • Standardization and automation
  • Restructuring plans
  • Loyalty and stimulation programs
  • Niche product development.