Business Consulting

MDIC is the telecom company that can
Achieving long term and sustainable growth given the ongoing expansion of digital services, the disruptive business models and current shifts in user preference has become an ever-growing business challenge.


Telecom operators are facing complex choices with the decline in their core services (Voice and SMS) and the inability to increase data revenues. All while investing in new technologies to meet users demands and successfully compete with rivals and OTT players.


Our approach to business consulting hinges on understanding and serving the end user demands. It guides operators in adopting a holistic approach that involves various disciplines within the organization while supporting telecom businesses in the following areas:


  • Developing innovative business models – to focus on generating alternative revenue streams and achieve profitable growth.
  • Designing products and services strategy- to cater for customer demand for more self-service.
  • Managing technology and designing network – to fast deliver on demand service in real time.


Our experience, knowledge, and capabilities acquired through the building, developing and managing many of successful telecom operations across culturally diverse countries will ensure that our partners achieve their goals.